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The new one-way system will end traffic congestion on Dr Daly Road during school time.

One-way traffic at Ennis school

WORK began this week on a one-way traffic system on Lifford Road, known locally as Dr Daly Road, in Ennis. The work is expected to be completed in two weeks.

Dr Daly Road is the road that runs alongside the Fair Green from New Road (at the CBS Primary School) to Lifford Road (near St Joseph’s Hospital).

Mayor of Ennis, Cllr Johnny Flynn, who grew up in the area, has welcomed the new system and said the end-result should be a safer road for everyone, particularly the huge numbers of schoolchildren attending primary and secondary schools.

“There was a need to do something because the New Road, which is at the bottom of the road being made one-way, houses over 1,100 students. It also has the courthouse, the county council headquarters and, most importantly, the central fire station is there.

“Over the last five or 10 years, significant delays have been reported for the firefighters being able to respond to emergencies,” Cllr Flynn said.

The traffic on that roadway had to be dealt with, he said. “There have also been a number of incidents of near accidents involving school wardens, with erratic parking and erratic behaviour by drivers. With such a high number of road users, like the schoolchildren, there is an obligation to look at road safety,” he said.

The traffic and parking was also affecting local residents, who couldn’t get into or out of their homes and were also fearful that emergency services wouldn’t be able to respond to any emergency they may have.

A public consultation was put in place early this year and the residents on the road were visited by the engineer and a detailed report presented to the town council.

“There is a lot of disruption at the moment but the design, it is hoped, will resolve a lot of the issues. It’s going to be tried for one school term and, hopefully, it will create a much better traffic flow and much safer conditions for all road users.”

Road works will take place typically between the hours of 8am and 6pm. Traffic management control measures will be in place and will include restrictions on use of the road and the use of stop/go traffic control.

The public are advised to reduce speed in the vicinity of the works and to expect delays, owing to the road works and traffic management controls in place. Local access will be accommodated at all times.

Under the new one-way system, traffic will only flow northbound on Dr Daly Road. Informal pedestrian crossing points will be provided as part of the scheme. On-street parking with a maximum stay of two hours will be provided along the western side of the road, closest to the Fair Green. Parking will be prohibited along the eastern side of the road.

By Ron Kirwan

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