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Lower insurance premiums for low-risk flooding says Flynn

INSURANCE companies shouldn’t be allowed to use flood-relief works in Ennis to line their own pockets, according to Councillor Johnny Flynn.
At this week’s meeting of Ennis Town Council, he suggested that the OPW should issue certs for people who live or have businesses in areas that are now much safer from flooding, due to works carried.
He said that lower premiums should now be charged due to the much lower risk of flooding.
Councillor Peter Considine claimed “two well-known companies” had refused to even give quotes to people in Ennis. “Two people phoned for quotes and when they said they were in Ennis, they were told quotes weren’t being made up for Ennis.”
At the meeting, councillors also complained about poor water pressure in the town. Mayor of Ennis Frankie Neylon said that pressure was being diverted away from certain areas at certain times and he said that before he had left his house for the meeting, the water pressure had been very low. “Since the county council took it over, the supply has been a disaster in this town,” he commented.
“It seems to me that millions have been spent on providing clean drinking water but we still don’t have it.”
Councillor Neylon said the problems with water supply could pose a safety risk, saying it was “an accident waiting to happen”.
He claimed the reason for low water pressure in Ennis was that large quantities were being diverted to Clarecastle to service industry there.
Councillor Brian Meaney said he didn’t wish to see business criticised. “I would be very hesitant about making reference to companies that are large users of water. They pay for their water and they’re a significant contributor to the local economy.”
However, he also said that the supply of water shouldn’t be limited to employers.
He also welcomed the opening of the interim plant in Drumcliffe and said a lot of progress had been made on the provision of adequate drinking water.
Councillor Johnny Flynn said he was still sceptical about the water and noted that the most dangerous time for cryptosporidium is between April and June.
He said he believes the town’s reservoirs are too small and that they ran low over Christmas.
Town manager Ger Dollard said the lifting of the boil notice for Ennis was welcome but added that there have been serious problems with water supply around Clare of late.

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