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Extra car-parking spaces ruled out

A LACK of finance was the reason put forward for not providing new car-parking spaces at O’Brien Park, by Clare County Council engineer Eugene O’Shea.
At the February meeting of Shannon Town Council, Councillor Michael Fleming introduced a motion asking for Clare County Council to look at providing spaces in the area but in his response, Mr O’Shea ruled it out.
“Due to financial constraints, it is not possible to provide these car-parking spaces in the current year,” he stated.
Councillor Fleming said that there was a real problem in the area. “People come out to go to work and there are three or four cars parked every way, blocking you.”
He said he understood that the council’s coffers weren’t overflowing but said that an effort might be made to find some funding.
Councillor Tony McMahon said that there had been a failure of long-term planning.
“This was designed for families that had one car and it should be obvious to these enlightened people that remedial measures are necessary.”
Councillor Cathy McCafferty suggested that money could be saved from grass-cutting and diverted into providing the parking spaces.
Mayor of Clare Tony Mulcahy requested that costings for the provision of the parking spaces be provided at the next meeting of the council.


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