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The Aeromexico plane pm the runway in Shannon with emergency services in close proximity. Photograph by Arthur Ellis

Emergency landing at Shannon

AN Aeromexico Boeing Dreamliner, flying from Mexico to Paris reportedly declared an emergency due to a fire in the cargo hold, before making an emergency landing at Shannon this afternoon.

Emergency crews were awaiting the arrival of the aircraft when it touched down. Shannon is a designated airport for emergency landings and remains open 24 hours a day in case the facilities are needed at any point.

“Shannon Airport can confirm that the emergency response that was activated for the arrival of a diverted Aeromexico flight this afternoon has now been stood down. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which was en route from Mexico City to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, landed safely at Shannon at 14:50pm. All 193 passengers and crew were disembarked and the aircraft subsequently assessed at a remote location,” an airport spokesman said.

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