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Councillors pushing for more library parking

The Seán Lemass Library in Shannon. Photograph by Declan MonaghanCLARE County Council is being urged to provide additional disabled parking spaces at the Seán Lemass library.
At this week’s meeting of local area councillors, Mayor of Shannon, Seán McLoughlin, asked that the situation be addressed and put forward three possible responses.
They were: to widen the area in front of the library and put parking spaces with bumper to kerb parking; clean out the area at the back of the library and make it suitable for parking; or to provide disabled parking spaces at the back and front of the library.
In his reply on the matter, however, engineer Eugene O’Shea said there are a number of difficulties to be addressed.
“The road fronting the library is a private road and not in charge of the council. Widening of the area in front of the library is therefore not an option. In any event the road layout is not suitable for reversing vehicles due to inadequate sight lines and the vehicular access on the opposite side of the road.
“There is sufficient space at the back of the library to accommodate a small number of vehicles. Gaining access is problematic, however, as the pedestrian pathway to the east of the building is unsuitable for vehicular access. The only alternatives are through private properties via the apartment complex to the rear or through the adjoining car park to the west. The long term solution is the relocation of the library to a more suitable site.”
However Councillor McLoughlin said he wasn’t happy with the response and urged Mr O’Shea to look at it again.
He was supported by Councillor Gerry Flynn who said that the lack of parking at the library shouldn’t be excused.
“There are only three spaces and under any circumstances if someone was looking for planning permission it wouldn’t be allowed, so the council shouldn’t get away with it.”
Councillor Flynn said that there was room for between 15 and 20 parking spaces at the front of the library.
Councillor Patricia McCarthy said that there was scope to do more for people with disabilities, with the limited number of spaces now available.


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