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Closure opens in Ennis

CLOSURE, an exhibition by David O’Rourke, is being launched at 80 Parnell Street in Ennis this Friday evening and will continue for a fortnight, until August 23.

Speaking to The Clare Champion last week, David said there are a variety of types of work included. “It’s a mixture of interrelated pieces. There are drawings, sculptural pieces, there’s a little video, actually more of a slideshow. There are all different types of media.”

Closure refers to the fact that buildings that once housed thriving businesses around Ennis are now vacant, the businesses long since closed.

“The title is a bit of a follow-up to another exhibition to one called Clearance. That was a few years ago and this one references the fact that when you look around town, there are a lot of empty premises and it’s a bit depressing to say the least.”

Clearance was on display shortly after the economy turned, before things got quite as bad as they have been for a few years. “That was at the beginning of the recession, the very start. It’s really kicked in since then. There are reflections of monetary issues in the work and I don’t really expect to sell much but it’s nice to show it.”

The exhibition will be on show at a building towards the very bottom of Parnell Street.

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