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Flagmount tree – a symbol of the possible

UNVEILING The Tree of Generations sculpture at Lough Graney’s Kids’ Corner in Flagmount on Friday, President Michael D Higgins told the community their initiative was showing all Irish people how to seek the light.The project was led by children of the Lough Graney Youth Club but had an inter-generational approach that involved the whole community of Flagmount.President Higgins said the sculpture “will always be there as a symbol of what was possible”. “It is important to have these kinds of visions and it is very inspiring to be invited to communities like that of Lough Graney to see them taking the initiative, leading the way and offering practical manifestations of what is our alternative. Isn’t it very interesting that we are all out in the open now and how different that is to that time when repression and bigotry and exclusion put women into the Magdalene Laundries. Isn’t it great to see that Ireland long gone. So we must learn …

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Tulla protestors decry Government bank bailout

LAST Sunday, a group of 20 gathered in Tulla in protest of the Government’s policy to bailout banks rather than people.The newly formed group is determined to follow Ballyhea’s example and have regular gatherings every Sunday from now on to create awareness. The gathering itself is not linked to any political party and is not intended to offer solutions but to initiate discussions about possible alternatives.Speaking about the protest, Stiofán Schmeitz, from Glendree in Feakle, said leading by example is the key to trigger other initiatives and that was what happened in this case as they followed the initiative taken by the community in Ballyhea, County Cork. “I think it is important that each protest or meeting is established by local people and not by outsiders. There are 3.7 million people living outside Dublin. Rather than trying to gather 100,000 people for a protest in Dublin, imagine 50 to 100 people gathering in each and every town across the country …

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